Why You Need To Follow Factory Recommendations

Keeping Up With A Service Schedule

You likely know that you are supposed to take your car in for servicing. In your owner’s manual is a schedule for maintenance. However, you may wonder how seriously you need to follow that schedule. The short answer is that you should pay attention to the factory recommendations. There are a few good reasons why.

What’s the Big Deal?

Manufacturers today are building more reliable cars than ever. However, they are also more complex than they used to be. They are designed to work under certain conditions. Those conditions are, in part, ensured by following the factory-recommended maintenance schedule. For example, if you keep up with your European car’s maintenance schedule, you will be helping minimize strain on the most important components.

While cars can last for hundreds of thousands of miles, certain parts of the car get worn down with use. If you don’t maintain them, they will fail and potentially damage other parts of the car. Furthermore, neglecting your fluids may cause unnecessary wear on your engine. In other words, keeping up with maintenance can help you save significantly on bigger auto repair bills later.

What To Expect

Every model has a slightly different service schedule. However, you can expect to need servicing every 10,000 to 30,000 miles. Most service intervals involve simple oil and filter changes. You may need to replace your brake pads and possibly rotate your tires.

On some of the more extended intervals, you may need to flush the transmission fluid, replace some parts, having a timing belt service, and other more extensive servicing. Some of these more important items can be expensive. However, you can avoid or delay a lot of the most substantial maintenance tasks by keeping up with the servicing schedule.

For example, replacing a timing belt is a big job. However, it is only rarely necessary. Neglected engines are more likely to need a new timing belt earlier.

Taking Care of Your Car

Keeping up with your maintenance schedule can help you keep your car running smoothly. For European auto maintenance in El Cajon, CA, come to Dose BMW. We work on European cars, including BMW, Audi, Range Rover, and more. Schedule an appointment online today.

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