Why Are Imports Popular in the U.S.?

Japan, Europe, and Korea are making waves in the U.S. Market

Have you ever wondered why some people prefer imported cars to American-made ones? Surely, American cars are just as good. So, why do imports continue to make such an impact on the U.S. automotive market? There are a few reasons why imported cars have made such an impact.

The 1970s Gas Crisis

Before the 1970s, foreign brands struggled to make much headway in the U.S. Some European luxury brands were popular with the wealthy. However, few imported vehicles were popular with the masses.
However, in the 70s, several oil shortages rocked the automotive world. Imported cars were significantly more efficient. The European and Japanese manufacturers were building smaller, more refined motors compared to their American counterparts. With skyrocketing gas prices, this efficiency was needed by many Americans. Additionally, around the same time, a couple of genius advertisements helped to boost sales of the Volkswagen Beetle to incredible heights. It would go on to set a record for sales volume (20 million of the first generation). This helped to make European imports seem much more accessible.

Quality and Performance

Another factor is that American brands have a reputation for low quality and unreliable cars. Their big engines may have been a lot of fun, but they took a lot of care. While it is less accurate today, this reputation was well-earned at one point. Conversely, European brands, especially the German automakers, were building reliable, high-quality, and high-performing cars. People buying BMWs, for example, got to enjoy a more refined automotive experience while also paying lower, European car repair bills. In the 1970s and 1980s, especially, U.S. manufacturers were churning out low-quality cars compared to the Europeans.

They Aren’t Really Imported

Of course, quality and efficiency can only take a brand so far. If the initial price tag is too high, people won’t want to buy them. However, many foreign manufacturers don’t build their cars overseas. They make them in the U.S., cutting down transportation and import costs significantly. This means they can compete on price and outperform U.S. manufacturers in other areas.

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