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Responsible for transferring the power created by the engine into your wheels, the transmission system is the reason why you’re able to shift your vehicle in “Park,” “Reverse,” and “Drive.” For manual vehicle owners, they have the added benefit of controlling the RPMs their engine generates by shifting to specific gears. Because the transmission is so important to the overall performance of your vehicle, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that it needs consistent service for it to maintain a smooth shift. At Dose Independent BMW Service in El Cajon, CA, we can help with that. Our experienced technicians and service advisors have the latest tools, components, and service techniques to provide dealership level service at an affordable rate. Our staff will devise a customized service plan that has your transmission functioning at its best while staying within your set budget. In addition, we are an Authorized ZF Transmission Distributor. For an added piece of mind, all of our services with an industry-leading 24 Months / Unlimited Miles warranty- speak with your service advisor for more details!

Do You Have a Failing Transmission?

Outside of following a consistent service schedule, the best way to properly maintain your vehicle’s transmission is to understand the signs of deterioration. Sure, you may not be able to perform any of the necessary repairs, but knowing the signs of failure will help you prevent the problem from getting much worse! Here are two signs of transmission trouble that you need to be aware of!

Fluid Leaks

Unlike motor oil, transmission fluid never gets burned up. If you notice that the fluid level is low, that is a surefire symptom of a fluid leak. Make sure that you visit our shop immediately, as we’ll need to flush out the old fluid and refill the transmission with fresh, new fluid. If you let the leak proceed, your transmission will eventually starve for fluid and the components within it will be susceptible to additional damage.

Strange Movement

Another sign of transmission deterioration is if you notice a rough shift or a delayed engagement when you are shifting gears. Normally, shifting gears should be a smooth and seamless transition. Anything other than that means your transmission is beginning to struggle and you’ll need to visit us to have the problem fixed. If left as is, the issue will get worse, which will reduce your driving experience and even make it dangerous!

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The transmission system is too important to your vehicle’s overall performance for you to let any problems persist. Ensure your next drive is a smooth one by taking your vehicle to Dose Independent BMW Service, the transmission service specialists in El Cajon, CA. Our experienced automotive team has the repair and diagnostic equipment to properly diagnose and fix any issue within your vehicle’s transmission system. When your visit is over, you’ll be able to smoothly shift gears once more! Looking for high-quality transmission care? Call our facility at 619-449-3835 and book your next appointment today. If you’re in the area, visit our shop! We offer prompt same-day service! We’re located on 215 Denny Way # F, right off the San Vincente Freeway! We can’t wait to work with you!

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