Lack of Maintenance in El Cajon, CA

El Cajon’s Preventative Maintenance Specialists -- Dose Independent BMW Service

Maintenance Is Key

Every vehicle owner understands that in order to maintain your vehicle’s level of performance, you need to have it go through a routine maintenance schedule. Failing to do so leaves your vehicle vulnerable to wear-and-tear and, in extreme circumstances, vehicle failure. Make sure that you avoid that by visiting the area’s preventative maintenance specialist — Dose Independent BMW Service. Located in El Cajon, CA, our experienced technicians and service advisors will work with you to provide the services your vehicle needs to perform at its best. We back our services with an industry-leading 24 Months / Unlimited Miles warranty, just speak with our service advisors for more details!

What Happens to Your Vehicle

Routine maintenance schedules allow our technicians to properly monitor the variety of parts and systems found throughout your vehicle. This gives them the ability to determine when your vehicle needs a particular service and even predict when a part or system may start to fail. Failing to follow a maintenance schedule can cause a lot of problems with your vehicle, major and minor. Here are a few problems your vehicle will start to experience if you’re not bringing your vehicle in for maintenance.

Bad Wheels and Tires

If you’re not following a consistent maintenance schedule, your wheels and tires can start to experience problems. Two things that commonly happen is your tires going bare and the wheels falling out of alignment. Your tires rely on the tread to grip the road and provide extra control for the driver. Over time, tire tread begins to wear out and deteriorate. Without a routine maintenance schedule, your tires will eventually lose its tread and become bare, which dramatically reduces the amount of control you have of your vehicle. This becomes dangerous in conditions such as rain and snow, as your vehicle will begin to hydroplane and skid.

As for wheel alignment, that ensures the wheels of your vehicle is meeting the road at a proper, uniform angle. Cars can fall out of alignment for simple things such as a hitting a curb or pot hole. A wheel alignment service allows technicians to catch the misalignment and properly realign the suspension system. When misaligned, you’ll experience problems such as pulling, vibrations, and inconsistent tire tread wear. Without a proper wheel alignment, you’ll be consistently fighting with your vehicle, which will reduce the overall enjoyment of your driving experience.

Failing Transmission

Your transmission is responsible for transferring the power generated by your engine into the wheels of your vehicle. It’s the reason why you’re able to put your vehicle in “Park,” “Drive,” and “Reverse.” A routine maintenance schedule allows our technicians to ensure everything is properly functioning. Without maintenance service, your vehicle may encounter problems like a burned torque converter or leaking transmission fluid.

We Can Help You!

Make sure your vehicle never falls into a state of disrepair by visiting El Cajon’s preventative maintenance specialists — Dose Independent BMW Service. Our team of automotive professionals has the latest tools, components, and service techniques to provide any maintenance service your vehicle needs with care and precision. Whether you need a brake repair or a transmission tune-up, we can handle it all. Give us a call at 619-449-3835 or use our convenient online system to schedule a visit with us today! If you’re in the area, feel free to stop by our facility at 215 Suite F. Denny Way. We’re right off the San Vincente Freeway! We can’t wait to work with you.