Do You Have “Spongy” Brakes?

Watch For These Signs

When you’re on the road, you need to be sure that your car can stop when it needs to. Unfortunately, spongy brakes (brakes that feel almost soft when you press them) can inhibit your car’s stopping power. That can be dangerous for you and your passengers. If you aren’t sure what spongy brakes are, Check out these symptoms that are other indications that you need brake repair and contact Dose BMW in El Cajon, California for expert service.

There Is Air in the Brake Lines

The most common cause of spongy brakes is air getting into the brake lines. For a braking system to work properly, the hydraulic pressure must be evenly distributed. When air enters the lines, it throws off the balance, causing you to need more time, effort, and distance to come to a full stop. Low brake fluid or a leak in the system can lead to air entering the lines.

The Cylinders Are Worn Down

The master cylinder is also important for ensuring hydraulic pressure is evenly distributed throughout your brake system, as it is responsible for pushing the brake fluid to where it needs to be. Your master cylinder has seals in it that can wear down over time, causing leaks. Eventually, a worn cylinder will cause you to need to push your pedal to the floor to brake properly.

The Brake Line Is Damaged

If your brake line is damaged, you’ll likely notice yourself taking longer to stop. Rust is a common culprit of brake line damage and often forms when road salt and moisture mix and cause brittleness on the line. The brittle line can then become leaky or break altogether. If you’ve crashed your car, it could also damage your brake line and make it more susceptible to problems in the future.

Do you suspect that your spongy brakes are causing you to take longer to stop? It is important to get brake repair for your car now to prevent a serious problem in the future. Delaying will only make things worse. Contact Dose BMW in El Cajon, California for information on how we can help you!

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