Do You Have Bad Brake Pads?

How You Can Tell

Your vehicle’s braking system is equipped with a variety of components that help keep the system functioning and protect it from damage. One of these components is the brake pads, which is essentially a cover for the metal calipers that squeeze on the metal brake disc. It’s because of these pads that you’re able to properly stop your vehicle and protect it from metal-on-metal contact and damage.

Unfortunately, the brake pads (which are built to be durable) are eventually going to wear out. It’s important for you to understand the classic warning signs so that you can act promptly. If you notice these, make sure you schedule a brake pad replacement service as soon as possible!

Squeaking or Squealing

If you hear squeaking or squealing when using the brakes, that indicates the brake pads are at their minimum level of thickness. These sounds occur due to pre-installed metal springs or “hairs” found within the pad. Once the brake pads wear low, these components become exposed and gently start to scrape the brake disc, which leads to these sounds.

Although your vehicle is fine for the time being, you still want to replace the pads at your earliest convenience. If not, you could be placing the braking system in risk of metal-on-metal contact, which can cause significant damage.


If you hear grinding from the braking system, you’ve waited too long to replace the brake pads, and now the metal caliper is squeezing on the metal brake disc. Not only is this dangerous for you as a driver (you’ll have a harder time stopping your car), but it’s also awful for the braking system, as the metal-on-metal contact could warp the brake rotor and leave deep grooves in the brake disc. This metal-on-metal contact is awful for the brakes and can lead to significant damage and costly brake service. Please stop driving and visit a shop immediately once you hear this symptom!

If you need to replace the brake pads in your vehicle, make sure you schedule a brake service appointment with Dose BMW in El Cajon, California. We can quickly remove the old pads and install new ones so you can maintain proper control of your vehicle!

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