Why You Need To Follow Factory Recommendations

Keeping Up With A Service Schedule You likely know that you are supposed to take your car in for servicing. In your owner’s manual is a schedule for maintenance. However, you may wonder how seriously you need to follow that schedule. The short answer is that you should pay attention to the factory recommendations. There

Why Are Imports Popular in the U.S.?

Japan, Europe, and Korea are making waves in the U.S. Market Have you ever wondered why some people prefer imported cars to American-made ones? Surely, American cars are just as good. So, why do imports continue to make such an impact on the U.S. automotive market? There are a few reasons why imported cars have

Do You Have “Spongy” Brakes?

Watch For These Signs When you’re on the road, you need to be sure that your car can stop when it needs to. Unfortunately, spongy brakes (brakes that feel almost soft when you press them) can inhibit your car’s stopping power. That can be dangerous for you and your passengers. If you aren’t sure what

Do You Have Bad Brake Pads?

How You Can Tell Your vehicle’s braking system is equipped with a variety of components that help keep the system functioning and protect it from damage. One of these components is the brake pads, which is essentially a cover for the metal calipers that squeeze on the metal brake disc. It’s because of these pads