Lack of Preventative Maintenance

Some causes of what happens when your automobile is not maintenanced, which can be prevented.

More Causes From Lack of Preventative Maintenance

Transmission Failure

Torque converter burned from driving in failsafe mode.

Transmission Failure

Transmission rebuild by an unqualified transmission shop. The socket and star washer used to take up space for the broken accumulator spring.

Broken Adapter

Broken adapter block 6HP19 & 6HP26. Causes 'A' clutch codes and failsafe mode.

Valve Body Crack

Cracked upper valve body 5HP24. Caused failsafe mode and slip bang on low gear start.

Electrical Sleeve Issues

Electrical sleeve 6HP26. Causes a transmission fluid leak and possible communication faults.

Driving With Bad Wheel Bearings

Bad rear wheel bearing noted on a previous work order one year prior, brake rotor cut in half, brake caliper cut thru wheel. Customer drove this car until the tire went flat.